5 Best Smart Plugs Compatible with Amazon Alexa

5 Best Smart Plugs Compatible with Amazon Alexa


If you’ve been surfing around this website you will see that I am always recommending the best smart plugs for your home.  

Here’s the short version of this post: In my opinion, the best smart plugs compatible with Amazon Alexa out right now is the Amazon Smart plug, WeMo Mini smart plug, Belkin WeMo Insight smart plug, TP-Link HS300 smart power strip, and Mesross smart outdoor plug.   
Currently, there are a lot more in the market, but these are my top 5. If you are ready let’s get to the post. 

What are smart plugs? They’re plugs that make your dumb home smart. 

What makes a plug smart? It has Wi-Fi capabilities, it can connect to your smartphone and enable you to turn your dumb devices smart, such as your dumb appliances or an ordinary lamp. 

The first time I purchased a smart plug was for my Samsung TV that was not equipped with HDMI-CEC(please check your TV manual for more info). In order, for me to have the capability to turn the TV with voice control I would have to buy a smart plug, so I did, at Target on Black Friday.  

My first smart plug was the WeMo Mini and in fact, I still used it until this day. This was one of my best smart home purchases from Target for only $19.99 during the Black Friday sales. Using the WeMo mini has made part of our lives much easier, especially for our boys. Instead of them reaching for the light switch, all they have to say, “Alexa, turn on or off the lights.” 

Choose the Best Smart Plug within Your Budget 

As the smart home market continues to grow at a rapid pace, you will start to see more manufacturers getting involved in creating smart devices such as the smart plug. Most of them will be cheap and non-compatible products.

To avoid making that mistake, don’t get misguided by the cheap prices but look at it as a long-term investment in building a smart home from the ground up. I recommend sticking to a price range from $25 to $80 for beginners, you want to find and work with budget within your means.    

If you need some guidance on which smart plug to purchase for your home, below I share the best smart plus compatible with Amazon Alexa in no particular order.  

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My 5 Best Smart Plugs Compatible with Amazon Alexa  

1. Amazon Smart Plug 

1. Amazon Smart Plug

This is the first branded Amazon smart plug, which is currently priced at $24.99. Amazon smart plug is not the cheapest smart plug in the market.

Also, this is an indoor version, there is no outdoor version as of yet. Fortunately, my wife was able to purchase the last one on stock at BestBuy for the Black Friday doorbuster deals for only $5.00. 

It’s only compatible with Amazon smart products, designed to handle devices up to 15amps, requires only 2.4GHz wireless and it’s Wi-Fi only. Amazon smart plug is really quick and easy to set up. There is no additional software to install.  

It’s a decent size, but there is no USB ports and no energy monitoring on this device. This is a really great holiday gift for you or anyone who is in the Amazon ecosystem.  

You can find the Amazon smart plug on Amazon for the current price.  

2. WeMo Mini Smart Plug 

WeMo Mini Smart Plug

You’ve heard me mention this device several times in articles as it’s one of my all-time favorite picks for smart plugs. I recently did a review on the WeMo mini, click here to learn more. I own about three of these smart plugs and they absolutely work well with Amazon Alexa. It’s reliable, stackable, protects your home and you can schedule and control your devices from anywhere.  

WeMo mini offers compact design so it won’t block the outlets and it can run small and major appliances such as your lamp, air-conditioners, and fans.

Most smart plugs in this price range cannot do that because of the circuity and size. The set-up is easy and simple to install. Once you link one to your account, you’re will be able to add as many WeMo smart plugs as you want.  

If you don’t believe me on how good this smart plug is, please check out all thousands of reviews over here

3. Belkin WeMo Insight  

Belkin WeMo Insight is like any other smart plug but with a few more features. You plug it in your dummy outlet and pair it up with the app, once its paired, you can turn and turn-off your devices with voice control. Supports up to 15 amps 

In the Belkin WeMo Insight also comes with real-time energy report monitoring that can track your usage and costs. It’s Wi-Fi enabled, controls your device from anywhere and it works with Amazon Alexa. Also, no hub needed and set-up straight out of the box. 

You can find the Belkin WeMo Insight over here on Amazon.  

4. TP-Link HS300 Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip  

5 Best Smart Plugs Compatible with Amazon Alexa

In our home we have two power strips and surge, protectors, one is a Furman power conditioner for our computer devices and a Monster power conditioner for our home entertainment system. Both are necessities when it comes to power surges as we have all our expensive electrical items plugged into one outlet.

The TP-Link HS300 smart power strip is no different, it’s the real deal; a heavy-duty Wi-Fi smart power strip plug that is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Comes with 6 plugs, each plug has it’s own indicator light and an on and off switch.  It also has 3 USB ports for your device to charge. 

It can also monitor how much energy each device is consuming so you can turn off the ones that are using too much power.  

The TP-Link HS300 is not cheap, it’s the most expensive smart plug I have recommended but with all that power you’re paying for what you get, a high-end smart power strip. You can find the latest price here on Amazon.  

5. Meross Wi-Fi Smart Outdoor Plug  

Meross Wi-Fi Smart Outdoor Plug

If you are looking for a great rugged, easy to use, and waterproof outdoor smart plug? The Meross is just what you need.  This outdoor smart plug is especially good to control your Christmas lighting for the holiday season, landscape lighting, or any outdoor plug-in appliances. 

It’s equipped with status light that is easy to see, two separate plugs that you can control independently. You can also set up routines to power off or on according to a schedule or after a specified amount of time which can help a dramatic decrease in your electrical bill. Meross is compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you can use voice commands to control each outlet hands-free. 

Unfortunately, the Meross Wi-Fi smart outdoor plug does not offer reports on energy consumption. 

You can find the current price over at Amazon.   


If you want to turn your lamp on and off or control your outdoor lightening from anywhere, smart plugs are the easiest way to make this option convenient and fun.    

It’s very affordable, they are easy to use and compatible with Amazon Alexa. Like I said earlier in this post, stick to a budget within your means. You can find a good smart plug without spending much money to get exactly what you need to control your smart home.  

Please, don’t forget to check out our recommended gadgets for the best tech for your buck.    

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Until next time, Happy Reading!!   

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It's great to see that you have come across my website. I hope you explore it thoroughly. The website caters to regular consumers who have an interest in home automation. I am based in the Tri-state area and enjoy the latest smart tech along with my wonderful wife and three energetic boys.

Rodney Diamond

It's great to see that you have come across my website. I hope you explore it thoroughly. The website caters to regular consumers who have an interest in home automation. I am based in the Tri-state area and enjoy the latest smart tech along with my wonderful wife and three energetic boys.