Best Smart Security Devices To Keep Your Home Safe


Why You Should Keep Your Home Safe

Are you looking for smart security devices to keep your home safe? Well, you have come to the right post. Leaving your home defenseless with no security system can make your home a target for intruders. Usually, when we leave our home, we are concerned if we left any windows open and doors unlocked. With that in mind, we decided to do some research on home security and what we found will blow your mind. According to a report from the U.S. Department of Justicefrom 1993 to 2010, on average, burglary rates were highest in the summer, with about 9% lower rates in spring, 6% lower in fall, and 11% lower in winter.  Best Smart Security Devices To Keep Your Home Safe After reading this report, this was the perfect time to check into buying home security systems.  Now, to be clear, technology will not stop criminals from breaking into your home but there are precautions you can take to ensure your home remains safe and secure. As we live in the modern world,  technology has become more accessible and affordable. Some devices such as a deadbolt door lock can be locked or unlock with a simple app or touch with your smartphone. This has allowed easier access to your home with the use of smart software and hardware. In today’s article, I provided a list of smart home devices to help you guard your home.  

Smart Security Devices to Keep Your Home Safe

There are several smart home security systems on the market and depending on your needs you can go with a simple system self-monitor your home, or pay a monthly subscription fee with 24/7 professional monitoring. The choice is yours but the more coverage you have the better your home is safe. More security system is now connected to a Wi-Fi network, which helps to monitor and control your security system anywhere at any time. Some systems come entry-level which includes window and door sensors, motion detector, and range extenderAlso, some are equipped with Zigbee or Z-Wave. This allows you to add third-party security devices to extend your security coverage. Devices such as door lock, Garage door openers, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, lights smoke detectors, and much more.   

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock 2nd Gen 

One of the most questions I get,  Can Smart Locks be hacked, and are they Safe?

Well, According to The Wall Street Journal– “smart locks are more than convenient, they’re also secure. Should someone start tampering with your front door, it’ll alert you. You’ll know immediately if, say, someone tries to enter an incorrect code multiple times or attempts to get in with expired access on the app.”

If you decide to purchase a smart lock, I recommend The Kevo smart lock which currently rates higher then most smart locks on the market. This smart home device is the second-generation with Bluetooth wireless technology.  It communicates with any Android and iOS device. Your Smartphone can be your key with a one-touch to open your door.  This smart lock also works with Alexa. What I like about this smart lock, is that it looks more or less like any other standard deadbolt you might use. Best Smart Security Devices To Keep Your Home Safe It’s is available in three colors (Polished Brass, Satin Nickel, and Venetian Bronze) and comes with an exterior cylinder assembly, an interior assembly, and a cover. Two keys, Two deadbolt assemblies, an adapter ring, four AA batteries, and a smart key tool that will allow you to re-key the lock. Kevo Smart lock is sturdy and easy to install. Can be controlled anywhere with an app and make keyless entry easy and convenient.    You can currently find this amazing lock on Amazon. 

Ring Indoor Cam

In the last couple of years, indoor security cams are becoming more common and for a good reason. According to the Tampa Bay Times, “More homeowners are installing home surveillance cameras than ever before, according to police and security companies. That’s because the once cost-prohibitive devices are dropping in price, and they’re becoming easier to access with smartphones.” One of the best home security cameras on the market right now is the Ring Indoor Cam which you can find on Amazon. Best Smart Security Devices To Keep Your Home Safe The Ring Indoor cam that lets you monitor your home activity while you’re away. It will alert you to any unusual activity. This is also great to let you know when the kids reach home.   Ring indoor cam is a great choice for people in the Amazon Ecosystem as it works with Alexa for hands-free home monitoring on the Echo Show. With HD video, two-way talk and motion-activated notifications, 24/hours cloud recording with Ring Protect Plan, and much more. 

Onelink Safe & Sound by First Alert

According to the National Fire Protection Association ( An estimated annual average of 366,600 home structure fires from 2007-2011. Seven people died each day in U.S. home fires, on average, and older adults were the age group most likely to die in a home fire.  Home fire deaths from fires in which no smoke alarms were present, or in which smoke alarms were present but did not operate, accounted for 60 percent of all home fire deaths. Smoke alarms were lacking in 37 percent of home fire deaths, and at least one alarm was present but non-operational in 23 percent.  Three out of five home fire deaths occurred in homes without working smoke alarms, which emphasizes the importance of taking personal responsibility when it comes to protecting yourself and your family from fire,” says Lorraine Carli, vice president of communications for NFPA.   Smoking detectors are important safety for homes, this is why I added smoke alarms to this topic. There are a lot of great “smart” smoke alarms on the market which you can connect to Wi-Fi. Some smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are smart which can be monitored from anywhere with an app on your phone. You can easily keep an eye on your home when you are not there. One of the best on the market is the Onelink Safe & Sound by First Alert. If you are tired of the annoying false alarms, there’s no question about it, the Onelink Safe & Sound by First Alert. This alarm has an industrial-grade photoelectric smoke sensor that can determine the different types of fires and works with other smart devices in your home, Alexa enabled and Apple HomeKit compatible.  The price can be a little steep from your average smoke alarms but it worth the price of protecting your smart home. You can find Onelink Safe & Sound by First Alert on Amazon or any commercial retail store.

Ring Alarm Home Security System

If you are just looking for the overall full-package of a home security system, Ring Alarm which you can find on Amazon is a great buy for an affordable price compare to its competitors in the market. The Ring Alarm offers more protection, especially if your power goes out, no contract, and no-nonsense security.   Ring Protect Plan comes in two plans, Basic and Plus. Basic gives you video recording up to 60 days from one device which is $3/month or $30/year.    Plus give you video recording up to 60 days to all your devices and 27/7 professional monitoring for your Ring Alarm. The Plus plan is priced at $10/month or $100/year. Updated: 02/26/2023 However, to cover the cost of these additional features, the subscription price for Ring Protect Basic has been increased to $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year per home device. With the new Ring Protect Basic, users can now extend the cloud storage time for Ring videos recorded after the date of the update for up to 180 days. This is an increase from the previous limit of 60 days.  It is important to note that changing the video storage time only affects videos recorded after the change in settings. Videos recorded before the update will retain their previous storage settings. To adjust the video storage time, users can log in to their Ring account and navigate to the Control Center. More information on the Video Storage Time feature can be found on the Ring website. Additionally, now allows users to download up to 50 Ring videos at once when logged in to their account. Ring Protect Basic subscribers can now enjoy a 10% discount on select device purchases at Ring and Amazon.  Previously, this benefit was only available to Protect Plus and Protect Pro subscribers. Ring doorbell founder and Shark Tank contender Jamie Siminoff added the Alarm system to its ring products back in 2018. Since its release, the Ring Alarm Security System has become part of thousands of homeowners. A great example is the Ring Neighbors, which is a community of other Ring owners. Ring Neighbors helps reduce local crime with real-time and safety alerts on your phone and tablet, It’s your own neighborhood watch. In my personal opinion, The Ring Alarm is one of the best DIY smart security systems on the market. Best Smart Security Devices To Keep Your Home Safe With Amazon behind this young company, it has great potential ahead. Ring Alarm is not only for homeowners but was also developed with renters in mind.  You can find the Ring Alarm on Amazon.

I hope this blog post was informative in making a choice of buying a smart home security system to keep your smart home safe.

I am here to educate and give perspective on in the tech world that relates to everyday home automators. 

Which device are you considering to keep your home safe? Please leave a comment below.  Until next time, Happy Reading!!  Please be sure to follow me on Twitter  Like it? Share it! 

It's great to see that you have come across my website. I hope you explore it thoroughly. The website caters to regular consumers who have an interest in home automation. I am based in the Tri-state area and enjoy the latest smart tech along with my wonderful wife and three energetic boys.

Rodney Diamond

It's great to see that you have come across my website. I hope you explore it thoroughly. The website caters to regular consumers who have an interest in home automation. I am based in the Tri-state area and enjoy the latest smart tech along with my wonderful wife and three energetic boys.

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