Best Robotic Lawn Mower Wars

Best Robotic Lawn Mower Wars in 2023


Do, you find yourself sick and tired of spending hours mowing your lawn and now considering a more convenient option such as buying a robotic lawn mower?

Or maybe you are asking around to find out which is the best robotic lawn mower currently on the market?  

Either way, you have come to the right place! I will do my best to answer your questions. I’m going to discuss the top 3 robotic lawn mowers in this article in order to steer you in the right direction before making your purchase.  

I can’t imagine what it’s like to get up every week or so to mow a lawn no matter the size.

Mowing seems like a simple task and some people see it as therapeutic and get a lot of fulfillment out of doing it but for many, mowing the lawn is their least favorite chore.   

Did you know the average American spends about 70 hours a year on their lawn and garden care, according to the American Time Use Survey? That number seems insane.  

Freeing yourself from all those hours on lawnmowers might simply be a matter of realizing that there are alternatives, such as a robotic lawn mower.  

As a curious user, I did some research, and this is what I found.  

The best robotic lawn mowers in the market in 2023 are:  

  1. Worx Landroid – The Best of the Best for small/medium-sized lawn)  
  2. Husqvarna Automower – The Best of the Best for large-sized lawn)  
  3. Robomow RS622 – (The Best of the Best for medium-sized lawn)  

What is a robotic lawn mower?  

A robotic lawn mower is used to cut lawn grass. So, the main difference is that the robotic lawn mower they are capable of maintaining up to 320,000 sq. ft of grass.   

Over the past years, it has improved with specialized sensors allowing them to operate around obstacles or go to sleep mode when it starts raining. Even more recently some lawn mowers can create a map of your garden.  

Are they worth it?  

Yes, in the long term it will pay for itself by freeing up your time as the robot will work for you unsupervised around the clock.  

Also, the robotic lawn mower spends about the same amount of energy as a lightbulb which you will be saving throughout the mower’s lifespan.   

Best Robotic Lawn Mower Wars - Are they worth it?
Robotic lawn mowers save you time and money

Robotic lawn mowers not only maintain your lawn but save you time and money.   

How do robotic lawn mowers work?  

Robotic lawn mowers use a basic mapping system. By setting out a boundary wire laid into the edge of the area they want to be cut.

When the robotic lawn mowers detect that it’s heading for the wire it changes course in a random direction to avoid it, leaving no awful track marks on the lawn.   

There are some advanced versions that have a 360-degree laser or even radar sensors to spot obstacles in their path or any incoming hazards.

The robotic mowers do not require you to have a perfectly rectangular lawn for you to get good results.  

Are robotic lawn mowers safe?  

After doing some research I have not found any human injuries or evidence involving a robotic lawn mower, but there have been some recent cases of hedgehogs being killed by robotic mowers.   

These hedgehog death has been happening in Europe where robotic mowers are more popular.

Best Robotic Lawn Mower safety - Hedgehogs
Hedgehogs being killed by robotic mowers

The number of killings of hedgehog’s deaths is low but this can be a concern for some, especially if you have small pets.    

Some of the biggest brands in the market say it is working on ways to keep hedgehogs safe.   

Are robotic lawn mowers noisy?  

No, they are pretty quiet, and won’t disturb your neighbors. The noise output can vary from model to model, but most robotic lawn mowers range from being almost silent to about the same volume as two people holding a conversation.  

While most conventional lawn mowers are very loud.  

How do I decide which one to buy? 

As robotic lawn mowers continue to become popular in the U.S. more brands are jumping into the market.    

With that being said, you need to be armed with the knowledge of the right information before making a choice.   


As I mentioned earlier in this post, I have not found any human harm from robotic lawn mowers, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your own research.

Most robotic lawn mowers have a number of safety features to prevent people and in some cases pets from injuries while mowing the lawn.  

Robotic lawn mowers are programmed to stop when they hit an obstacle or automatically stop if they are lifted or tilted.

Safety features do vary between individual models and between manufacturers, so this is definitely an area of focus you should look into more before purchasing any robotic lawn mower.  


When you decide to purchase a robotic lawn mower, you definitely want to consider the security features of the available models.   

Most if not all have PIN code locks, and may also include alarm features and newer and premium models also have a GPS tracker on board.

These security features are very important when your lawn is not secure and can be accessed easily by thieves.  

Some manufacturers are also able to blacklist your mower if it is stolen, this makes it impossible for thieves to service the device in the future.  


When it comes to controls and smart features, most models already include cutting days and hours.

But if you are interested in advanced features such as built-in Wi-Fi and smart features which allow you to monitor and control the robotic lawn mower from your smartphone, you will be trading off a more appealing price to require for purchase.  

This includes models with weather sensors that allow you to avoid cutting the grass in rainy or wet conditions and some models can also inform you if the lawn mower gets stuck.  


Robotic lawn mowers are designed to tackle all different shapes and sizes of lawns, and even lawns with multiple obstacles, such as trees or flower beds.  

The more complex the structure of your garden is, and the more obstacles that are within the lawn to be cut, the more time and work required to properly install the perimeter wire prior to the functioning of your robotic lawn mower.  

Robotic lawn mowers are designed to tackle all different shapes and sizes of lawns

This effort only has to be done once and will ensure that your robotic mower works flawlessly all through the cutting season.   

Weather Protection  

Robotic lawn mowers are not capable to be out all year round. Most are suitable for use in normal weather conditions, but any extreme weather conditions such as storms or freezing weather are usually advised to bring your lawn mower into a warmer environment such as your shed or garage.  

So, if you live in winter or in particularly cold conditions in areas such as New York, you should keep that factor in mind before buying.  

Best robotic lawn mowers 2020  

1. Worx Landroid – The Best of the Best for small/medium-sized yards and Overall Winner  

So, there have been a few irritations with robotic lawn mowers over the last 3 or 4 years. The first robotic lawn mower models which were not made by Worx didn’t work so well.   

Some work ok, Husqvarna made a few good ones but Landroid by Worx seems to be the best one to buy. It’s the first one that actually works really well.   

Best Robotic Lawn Mower Wars - Worx Landroid - Best for small/medium-sized yards and Overall Winner
Worx Landroid

It very accurate from using a bunch of these small pegs and wires around your lawn. This allows you to program the Landroid to sense, detect, and know the exact dimension of the size of your lawn.   

The Worx Landroid is controlled by an app for iOS or Android, you can schedule cutting times, check its battery life, and you can control everything just from the app.   

Worx Landroid can do up to a half-acre on a single charge which is a lot of lawn. After the Landroid is done, it looks like it was done by a professional. So, you may be asking what are the pros and cons of this great robotic lawn mower?  


  • Follow the instructions and you will have problems  
  • Very quiet  
  • Cuts the grass very well  
  • Replacement blades are cheap  


  • It’s pricey but affordable for some  
  • The boundary wire is easily broken  
  • Mowing height is a bit low  

2. Husqvarna Automower 430X – The Best of the Best for large-sized yard  

Next, we have the Husqvarna Automower which is a high-quality mower that is capable of taking care of almost an acre and a half of grass.   

Even with its big body frame, it cuts approximately 1/8 to 16 inches of grass every other day. This allows the Husqvarna Automower to keep the yard up, and always look cut and weed-free.   

Best Robotic Lawn Mower Wars - Husqvarna Automower 430X - Best for large-sized yard
Husqvarna Automower 430X

If you have a lot of trees in your yard or lawn it will leave grass behind, but it does give it a nice even clean-cut everywhere else.   

This unit is very easy to use either by yourself or with app support. It’s easy to reset, start and stop.

The Husqvarna Automower comes with a top of the line GPS that is capable of taking care of almost an acre and half of the grass and can face any obstacle challenges.   

Also, the GPS comes with a security feature that if it was stolen, the police will be able to find it.  Husqvarna does recommend that you include the mower in your home insurance.  

 Here are the pros and cons of the amazing machine.   


  • The excitement of coming home to a freshly mowed lawn  
  • Spot cutting feature for a lawn that grows at an uneven rate  
  • One charge will operate the mower for 4 and 1/2 hours  
  • Charges to full in less than 90 minutes  
  • Built-in sensor for rain that tells it to return to its charging station   
  • Built-in collision sensor  
  • Auto shut off when it senses that it was turned over or picked up  
  • Connects to 3G or 4G with built-in GSM no matter where it is  
  • Cuts large lawns with ease  


  • Very expensive  
  • Programming can take some time  
  • The app can be confusing  
  • You have to purchase a SIM data package for it to work  

3.  Robomow – The Best of the Best for Medium-sized yards  

The Robomow is the last on the list and this robotic lawn mower is almost as big as the Husqvarna.   

It can be programmed just like any other robotic lawn mower. Once you set it, it follows that routine. It has a rain sensor, so it won’t cut wet grass.  

It also comes with child safety, anti-thief protection, and a lift sensor if anyone tries to pick it up.   

Best Robotic Lawn Mower Wars -  Best for Medium-sized yards

The Robomow is best known for medium lawns, it cut smoothly, and efficiently and avoids objects very well.   

Now, I don’t own a Robomow but from my research, it seems to do well with edging. It can learn your lawn dimensions very quickly and you won’t have any missed cut sections, unlike the Husqvarna Automower.   

Robomow seems to cut high grass with a slower drive speed. If you have high grass, you may want to turn on the ‘Turbo Mow’ feature.   

This will automatically reset to regular cutting mode once the completion of the ‘Turbo Mow’ cycle.   

It has two blades that spin in different directions and once the season has ended you should switch those blades. allowing you to have sharp new blades for the next season.   

There’s pretty much no maintenance. It also can be controlled via an app that will allow you to get it unstuck and let it continue to mow or send it back to the base.   

If you decide to buy this mower, it’s advised to let the initial battery cell balancing and charging finish. After that’s done, the Robomow time should be good.   

Here are the pro and cons.    


  • Great for medium-sized lawns  
  • Can follow a set schedule  
  • The app is easy and handy to use  
  • 22″ wide cut makes it work better on bigger lawns  
  • Adjusts from a height of 0.78 to 3.14 inches  
  • The perimeter wire is included at no extra cost  
  • Can work in multiple zones (front yard and back yard)  
  • Wide-cut thanks to a twin blade system  


  • Has a difficult time with slopes and hilly area  

Why We Went with The Worx Landroid Over the Husqvarna Auto Mower  

Worx Landroid vs Husqvarna Auto Mower

Final Note  

As the robotic lawn mower market continues to grow it will only get better from here on, but for now, you are probably asking which one should I buy?

To be honest, this might not be enough information for a huge investment such as a robotic lawn mower.  

I recommend doing your own research as each mower has its own pros and cons. All three models mentioned in this article seem to be great lawn mowers, so, I can’t really say which one is necessarily worse than the other.   

But if I have to choose for myself, I most likely choose the Worx Landroid due to its affordability and ability to cut the grass very well.  

Well, with all that being said, I hope this article helps you along your journey to find the right robotic lawn mower for your lawn. 

Please, don’t forget to check out our recommended gadgets for the best tech for your buck.     

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Please e-mail me ( your opinion or comment or if you have any ideas for a future post you would like to read, drop me a line or two as I appreciate my audience. Thank you again for reading this post.     

Until next time, Happy Reading!!   

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It's great to see that you have come across my website. I hope you explore it thoroughly. The website caters to regular consumers who have an interest in home automation. I am based in the Tri-state area and enjoy the latest smart tech along with my wonderful wife and three energetic boys.

Rodney Diamond

It's great to see that you have come across my website. I hope you explore it thoroughly. The website caters to regular consumers who have an interest in home automation. I am based in the Tri-state area and enjoy the latest smart tech along with my wonderful wife and three energetic boys.