101 Things to Ask Siri – That Will Make You Laugh


If you are looking for a good time with your Apple HomePod, here are some basic and funny things to ask Siri. 


But before we start let’s break down some of Siri’s history. 

 Who is Siri? 

Apple Introduce Siri on October 4, 2011, with the launch of the iPhone 4S. Since its debut, the virtual voice assistant has come a long way. 


Siri was also Steve Jobs’s last project before stepping down as CEO.  


When Siri was release it was able to set alarms and answer messages, this was seen as revolutionary at the time. 


Over the past couple of years Siri has advanced from an iPhone, iPad, iMac, Apple TV, iWatch, and now a smart speaker called the HomePod. 


Since the release of the HomePod, Apple is making an attempt to “reinvent home music,” and make the best personal assistant. 

101 Things to Ask Siri 

The HomePod still has a lot of catching up to do vs its competitors, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. But for right now we will focus on what questions you can ask Siri.  


Below we put together 101 things you can ask Siri. We hope you enjoy it! 

 101 Things you can ask Siri 

 Basic Things to Ask Siri 

1.  “Hey Siri,” wake me up at 5 AM 

2. “Hey Siri,” Good Morning 

3. “Hey Siri,” what is the air quality right now?  

4. “Hey Siri,” what’s the temperature in the Livingroom? 

5. “Hey Siri,” what time is McDonald’s open till? 

6. “Hey Siri,” what’s on my shopping list? 

7. “Hey Siri,” what’s the news today? 

8. “Hey Siri,” what’s the traffic like going to work? 

9. “Hey Siri,” when is daylight savings time? 

10. “Hey Siri,” what’s the score in the World Cup match? 

11. “Hey Siri,” what’s Beyoncé’s newest album? 

12. “Hey Siri,” where’s the closest gas station 

13. “Hey Siri,” where’s the nearest ATM? 

14. “Hey Siri,” delete my [time] alarm. 

15. “Hey Siri,” dim the bedroom lights. 

16. “Hey Siri,” flip a coin 

17. “Hey Siri,” give me the latest sports news. 

18. “Hey Siri,” how much time is left on the timer? 

19. “Hey Siri,” how the stock market today? 

20. “Hey Siri,” how long does it take to drive to Florida? 

21. “Hey Siri,” play Jay-Z after this song. 

22. “Hey Siri,” play me some Hip-Hop 

23. “Hey Siri,” next song. 

24. “Hey Siri,” play Beats 1 radio 

25. “Hey Siri,” play Lauren Hill first album 

26. “Hey Siri,” play more songs like this. 

27. “Hey Siri,” I’m home. 

28. “Hey Siri,” play something new. 

29. “Hey Siri,” previous track 

30. “Hey Siri,” skip forward 30 seconds 

31. “Hey Siri,” stop 

32. “Hey Siri,” turn the volume up.  

33. “Hey Siri,” turn the volume to 85 percent. 

34. “Hey Siri,” play the latest The Vergecast podcast. 

35. “Hey Siri,” tell me the latest news. 

36. “Hey Siri,” read my reminders 

37. “Hey Siri,” I’m home.  

38. “Hey Siri,” what time is it in LA? 

39. “Hey Siri,” turn off the lights downstairs. 

Funny things to ask Siri 

40. “Hey Siri,” knock, knock 

41. “Hey Siri,” where does Santa live? 

42. “Hey Siri,” why are firetrucks red? 

43. “Hey Siri,” can you stop time? 

44. “Hey Siri,” what is the best operating system? 

45. “Hey Siri,” do you follow the three laws of robotics? 

46. “Hey Siri,” are you a smartwatch? 

47. “Hey Siri,” who is the best assistant? 

48. “Hey Siri,” okay glass 

49. “Hey Siri,” what phone should I buy or what phone is the best? 

50. “Hey Siri,” why do you vibrate? 

51. “Hey Siri,” are you stupid? 

52. “Hey Siri,” what is the best watch? 

53. “Hey Siri,” draw me something 

54. “Hey Siri,” do you have any pets? 

55. “Hey Siri,” guess what? 

56. “Hey Siri,” what is the best computer?  

57. “Hey Siri,” why did the chicken cross the road? 

58. “Hey Siri,” how do I look? 

59. “Hey Siri,” what is Inception about? 

60. “Hey Siri,” do you have a girlfriend? 

61. “Hey Siri,” I love you 

62. “Hey Siri,” I’m drunk 

63. “Hey Siri,” I’m so tired 

64. “Hey Siri,” tell me a story 

65. “Hey Siri,” will you marry? 

66. “Hey Siri,” tell me a joke 

67. “Hey Siri,” what is your favorite song? 

68. “Hey Siri,” sing me a song 

69. “Hey Siri,” dance for me 

70. “Hey Siri,” do you think I’m stupid? 

71. “Hey Siri,” will you go on a date with me? 

72. “Hey Siri,” beatbox for me 

73. “Hey Siri,” testing 1,2,3 

74. “Hey Siri,” what is the meaning of life? 

75. “Hey Siri,” where is Elvis? 

76. “Hey Siri,” what is zero divided by zero? 

77. “Hey Siri,” which came first, the chicken or the egg? 

78. “Hey Siri,” I’m naked 

79. “Hey Siri,” mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? 

80. “Hey Siri,” please can you make me a sandwich? 

81. “Hey Siri,” roll a die 

82. “Hey Siri,” will pigs fly? 

83. “Hey Siri,” can I borrow some money? 

84. “Hey Siri,” I heard you’re dating a Kindle! 

85. “Hey Siri,” are you her? 

86. “Hey Siri,” what is the best MP3 player? 

87. “Hey Siri,” who lives in a pineapple under the sea? 

88. “Hey Siri,” what does Siri mean? 

89. “Hey Siri,” open the pod bay door 

90. “Hey Siri,” what’s your favorite animal? 

91. “Hey Siri,” do you have a boyfriend? 

92. “Hey Siri,” do you believe in God? 

93. “Hey Siri,” who’s the boss? 

94. “Hey Siri,” you should go on a diet 

95. “Hey Siri,” who let the dogs out? 

96. “Hey Siri,” what’s the tip on $100 

97. “Hey Siri,” “ok Google” 

98. “Hey Siri,” how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop? 

99. “Hey Siri,” do you like Microsoft 

100. “Hey Siri,” what should I be for Halloween? 

101. “Hey Siri,” do you know Tim Cook? 


At the core of the HomePod, it’s a speaker made to play music but behind the great sound is Siri, a driving force that is only getting better.  


I hope you will find The Apple HomePod a device you can enjoy. It’s not only fun but also be a valuable tool for helping you to learn or stay entertained all through the power of your voice. It’s time to have some fun, and say the magic word “Hey Siri,” … 


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It's great to see that you have come across my website. I hope you explore it thoroughly. The website caters to regular consumers who have an interest in home automation. I am based in the Tri-state area and enjoy the latest smart tech along with my wonderful wife and three energetic boys.

Rodney Diamond

It's great to see that you have come across my website. I hope you explore it thoroughly. The website caters to regular consumers who have an interest in home automation. I am based in the Tri-state area and enjoy the latest smart tech along with my wonderful wife and three energetic boys.