10 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Ring Pro

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Ring Pro


Maybe you’re thinking about getting a Ring Pro but uncertain about the benefits of owning a DoorBot.  

As we receive daily benefits from using the Ring Alarm, here are my ten reasons why you should buy the Ring Pro.

If you are a seasoned Ring Pro user this article will also go over some of the updates that have occurred over the past few years as well. 

We have owned the Ring Pro for several months and are very satisfied with its performance. The Ring Pro has been our most used outdoor smart product since we receive Amazon orders frequently.                  

Now, to be honest, this doorbell is not perfect and has its own issues compared to its competitors, but the Ring has been consistently updating its devices for better-personalized home security systems. 

First on our list of my ten reasons why you should buy the Ring Pro is the Ring provides the latest updates through its Rich Notifications.  

1. Rich Notifications / Snapshot Preview 

Two of the most used functions my family utilizes are the Rich Notifications and Snapshot previews. Both of these features were recently updated this past year. 

Rich Notifications can show you a preview of your event, either image or video immediately. This is great if you’re trying to see if it’s really important to check now or later, especially for porch pirates. 

2. Snapshot Capture 

Snapshot Capture is one of the best features of the Ring Pro. It’s also the closes thing to 24/7 Home Security recording.  

Besides getting a Snapshot with Rich Notifications preview, you can set your Ring cameras, including the Ring Pro to take snapshots at certain intervals throughout the day (30 sec, 1 minute, 3 minutes). 

When you check the timeline it’s similar to a time-lapse. Unfortunately, Snapshots are only available when you subscribed to a Ring Protect Plus Plan with your Ring devices.  

3. Customizable Alert 

An oldie but goodie, the customizable alerts is a great tool to know which ring device got trigger from the inside or outside of your house.  

Many other brands don’t have this feature in their app. You can keep the geriatric tone that comes as default or change the alert in the “App Alert Tones” section of your device Dashboard. 

4. Customizable Motion Zones 

The Customizable Motion Zones are great to draw different shapes that indicate where motion would be detected. You can add up to three different Motions Zones.  

Image by Ring

It also, has A.I. integrated, in which you have an option to be notified if people are detected. In a recent update, this feature was only standard for wired Ring devices, but now an option for battery-powered devices is available.    

5. Advance Pre-roll 

The next on the list is Advance Pre-roll/Pre-recording with the Ring Pro. When you compared this to the Ring Doorbells battery-powered Pre-Roll, the Advance Pre-Roll actually captures the motion 6 seconds before its detected. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Ring Pro (Snapshot)
Image by Automate Your Crib

Also, the Advance Pre-Roll provides full color, high definitions, full sound and full light functionality. Advanced Pre-Roll is always enabled for Ring Pro and any other wired devices.  

6. Alexa Integrations 

Sixth on this list is using Alexa as a Chime with motion notifications. Since Ring is owned by Amazon you can connect it to Alexa-supported devices such as Echo Show or Fire TV Cube and other Echo speaker devices. 

When there is a motion detected or someone presses the Ring Pro doorbell, Alexa can make an announcement. 

7. Automatically loads up Live View 

When someone presses the Ring Pro doorbell, the Echo Show will automatically load up a live view.  

Image by Ring

You can also use this feature to “Drop-in” a live view of whatever is going on in your home using the Echo Show. 

Currently, the only doorbell that was actually the first to load up live view was the Nest Hello when integrated with Google Hub. 

This feature is faster to check your Echo Show when someone presses the doorbell in a timely matter, instead of opening up your phone, and waiting for the app to load.  

8. Two-Way Communication on Echo Show 

Two-way communication on Echo Show is very useful when someone presses the doorbell and you can respond to the person at the door.  

Other doorbell brands that are integrated with Amazon Alexa, don’t have this feature. Only Nest Hello can do this with Google Hub. 

Also, Two-way communication records both sides of the conversation. Currently, a few brands (Arlo, Nest, Skybell) have this feature but most video doorbells only record the doorbell side and not the other side. 

Two-way communication commands with an Alexa-enabled device 

  • “Alexa, talk to [Ring Device Name].” 
  • “Alexa, talk to the person at the [Ring Device Name].” 
  • “Alexa, can I talk to the person at my [Ring Device Name].” 
  • “Alexa, please call [Ring Device Name].” 
  • “Alexa, answer [Ring Device Name].” 
  • “Alexa, speak to the [Ring Device Name].” 
  • “Alexa, I wanna talk through [Ring Device Name].” 
  • “Alexa, begin the call with [Ring Device Name].” 
  • “Alexa, get the call going with [Ring Device Name].” 
  • “Alexa, make a call to [Ring Device Name].” 
  • “Alexa, respond to [Ring Device Name].” 

End the conversation with an Alexa-enabled device 

  • “Alexa, stop.” 
  • “Alexa, stop the communication.” 
  • “Alexa, end.” 
  • “Alexa, exit.” 

9. Alexa Routines 

When you set up the Ring with Alexa you can use smart Routines and use the doorbell as a trigger.  

Besides the preset in notifications, you can instruct your Alexa to perform several customizable announcements. 

You can create a Routine with Alexa by, 

  1. Open the Alexa app, tap More (Menu Icon) in the bottom right-hand corner. 
  1. Select Routines in the Menu. 
  1. Tap the Plus (+) icon to Create Routine. 
  1. In New Routine page tap on Routine Name and name your routine.  
  1. Tap on When This Happens, tap Smart Home, now, select your Ring device you are creating the routine for. 
  1. Select which capability you’d like to set up. 
  1. Select Add action, and then choose which action it completes. 
  1. If you want receive a push notification when motion or contact sensor is triggered, select Send notification.  
  1. Under From, select which Alexa device controls the Routine.   
  1. Tap Create

10. Fast Notifications 

Since Ring Pro is wired it’s constantly saving video to buffer about 6 seconds before uploading the video.  

The Ring battery-powered has to wake up and then start recording which then begins uploading the video.  

Having the Ring Pro always-on makes the motion zones significantly more useful and reduces false alerts that can be triggered by heavy traffic regardless of your settings.  

Final Note 

So those are my ten reasons why you should buy the Ring Pro. If you would like to buy this amazing video doorbell, you can find it on Amazon.

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Ring Pro

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It's great to see that you have come across my website. I hope you explore it thoroughly. The website caters to regular consumers who have an interest in home automation. I am based in the Tri-state area and enjoy the latest smart tech along with my wonderful wife and three energetic boys.

Rodney Diamond

It's great to see that you have come across my website. I hope you explore it thoroughly. The website caters to regular consumers who have an interest in home automation. I am based in the Tri-state area and enjoy the latest smart tech along with my wonderful wife and three energetic boys.

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