Best Smart Bulbs

Best Smart Bulbs

Last Updated: 11/04/2018 

Usually one of the most things someone wants to be automated is smart lighting. So, when it comes to lighting you have four major options.  


The first option is the connected LED bulbs such as LIFX smart bulbs. They are easy to use and easy to pair to your hub, for example, using your phone through an app or smart speaker using voice commands. Connected LED bulbs are the most basic set-up, simple to understand and easy to use.  


The second option is using Philips Hue, to use Philips Hue bulbs you are going to need a Philips Hue bridge. So, the hub actually connects to the Philips Hue bridge, they don’t directly connect to SmartThings or any smart hub. However, a smart hub like SmartThings and Wink do connect to the Philips Hue bridge. The big advantage with Philips Hue, you get a lot of different color options, you can set different moods and much more. The disadvantage is pretty expensive but if you really interested in Philips Hue, it does work very well with a smart hub like SmartThings. 


The Third option is just as easy as the first option, and that’s using a smart plug. All you are going to do is plug in your smart plug into an existent outlet, and then plug your lamp into the smart plug. THAT’S IT! Now, all you have to do is download the app for your smart plug and set-up, nothing more. 


The fourth option is more intermediate, and that’s going to be wall switches. When it comes to Z-Wave wall switches you have a lot of different options because so many companies make wall switches. You can either have a Z-Wave switch or a dimmer, it’s totally up to you. For this fourth option, I recommend you hire a professional to install a wall switch, as it can be complicated. It’s defiantly doable but if you have no prior experience with electrical wiring your best option is to hire a licensed electrician because properly wiring these products is vital to safety and efficiency.

LIFX Mini Smart Bulb Is My Top Pick

Out of the four options, I choose the first option, connected LED bulbs. Why? Because it’s easy to set up for your average consumer, no hub needed, and cheaper. Yes, you will find cheaper bulbs from lesser known brands, but the quality is not as good as LIFX Bulbs. I have been using the LIFX Mini Day & Dusk and LIFX Mini natural white warm (A19) for the last couple of months and I am completely satisfied with both. The only complaint I have is not as quite as bright LIFX (A19).  

My Top 3 Smart BulbsBest Smart Bulbs

LIFX Mini Smart Bulb – Is much cheaper compared to its big brother LIFX (A19) but comes at the expense of power. The Mini is functionally identical to the (A19) and connects directly to your Wi-Fi network with no hub needed. Since using this smart bulb, I had no issues with connectivity and it works just fine. Between Philips Hue and Sengled, this was just the right fit for reliability and price. I highly recommend the LIFX Mini smart bulbs and if you are interested you can find on Amazon.

 Best Smart Bulbs

The Sengled Element Classic Smart Bulb – Is probably the cheapest smart bulb on the market but also gives you everything you need to get started for basic smart lighting. It comes with a soft white bulb A19 (hub required) that’s easy to set up in minutes. The only problem I found with The Sengled, it has limited compatibility with third-party hubs. You can also use voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The Sengled Element Classic Smart Bulb is a great option to start if you are on a budget of building a basic smart home. You can find the latest price on Amazon 

 Best Smart Bulbs

Philips Hue Smart Bulbs – can completely overhaul your entire lighting system but comes at an expense. The individual bulbs are pricey, and that’s before factoring in the switches. However, Philips has created one of the most complete smart lighting systems to date. If you buy the starter kit it gets a lot cheaper. There is not much to go into as this is the best of the best but for the average user, this might not be your first choice. Still, all that said, if you are prepared to fully invest than you might want to look into the Philips Hue starter kit. You can find the latest price on Amazon. 

Why I picked LIFX Mini Smart Bulbs

    • Incredible Shades of White – Transform your space from warm ambers to cool whites  
    • Scheduling & Automation – Inspired by the sun, Day & Dusk automation designed to enhance your health and lifestyle 
    • Voice Control – Works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and the Google Assistant 
    • Set the Mood – With a simple app you can set the right mood for any time of the day 
    • Seriously Simple – No technical skills or additional hardware needed 
    • Easy Installation – Download the LIFX, follow the on-screen instructions and enjoy! 
    • No hub needed – Just plug in and get started 
    • Affordable – Lower cost than its competitors  
  • Reliable – LED lifetime of up to 22.8 years

To learn more about LIFX Mini,  click here to check out my review.